What You Can Expect

As a Resultz Consultant

You will be treated as the most valued asset of our Company. A Resultz Consultant is not a technical island while on assignment. Our clients respect you and value your skills, commitment and career choice. We will ensure that you and our client receive our highest level of support. You will be joining a team of high performance minded, value-driven, results oriented individuals who enjoy rewarding professional achievement.

All Resultz Candidates Can Expect:

Targeted search to fit your career objectives.
Personalized service-we match your needs to the client’s requirements, keeping your best interests in mind.
Preparation before the Client interview
Coaching you on proper interviewing techniques
Timely feedback-with market information and research as well as client feedback following your interview.
Career Management Services-to help you maximize your career goals.

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Our Approach

We cultivate and invest in long-term relationships with both our clients and our candidates. Our extensive hiring process starts with developing a detailed job description, an assessment of the workplace’s culture and management style. Once we have a thorough understanding of the requirements and company culture we utilize extensive our resources to identify the best match for our clients and candidates.

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